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Incredible Realistic-looking DOLL FACES by Russian Artist


Talk about talent. Just take a look at these dolls! You would think they were photos of real children. Russian artist, Michael Zajkov is the artistic talent behind these dolls which truly shows off his unique skills. It’s the way he paints those lips… those eyes… and the freckles that make them appear so incredibly-realistic and natural-looking.   Zajkov is […]

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Magnificent Paintings of Colossal Temples Devoted to Chinese “ROCK GODS” by Beijing Artist


We’re unfamiliar with Chinese rock stars but who cares when viewing magnificent paintings like these! Now this unique type of art painting you don’t see everyday. Such detail… Born in Sichuan, China in 1982, Beijing artist and musician DU Kun has created a series of massive paintings portraying similarly massive temples built in the likenesses of Chinese […]

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16 Incredible Digitally Remixed CELEBRITY MASHUPS


Gesichtermix is his name and and remixing some of the world’s most famous faces into hybrid celebrity portraits, is his game. Gesichtermix is a digital artist who is able to seamlessly bring together two photographs of different people – whether it be actors, singers or political figures, and merge them to create a single new being – produced so […]

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‘Lost in Wonder’ – Camouflage Figures Amongst the Wonders of the World


New York-based artist, Trina Merry, traveled to some of the most famous and magnificent architectural wonders of the world to create her series called ‘Lost in Wonder’.   Easter Island   “Painting on the body creates a special connection to a person that other visual art forms have trouble accomplishing; it’s a distinctly human experience,” Merry […]

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Japan: Amazing 3D-printed ICE CUBE SCULPTURES


It is written, each 3D “ice cube”, chilled to -7C, takes up to six hours to create on a milling machine or router, called a CNC (computer numerical control). And it seems whatever you can dream up – it can print, or rather, carve – from the Statue of Liberty, a scorpion to a shark leaping […]

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“Me & My Other Me” – Illustrations of Celebrities THEN and NOW


Colombian illustrator Fulvio Obregon created these great series of illustrations of celebrities, showing how they looked in the past in comparison to their present, with each character showing some detail related to their respective career, life or profession. Paul McCartney     Steve Jobs   Mick Jagger   Al Pacino   Robert de Niro   Bill Gates […]

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14 Creatively-designed Business Cards


It’s been awhile since we’ve added some creative business cards. Here are 14 more we’ve discovered.   1. Bentply Chair Business Card Unique business card designed by Richard Evans for Bentply furniture store transforms into a chair.     2. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Business Card Because sometimes, we all just need to reboot… Clever business card of a Psychologist. Made by […]

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Incredible 3D BOOK ART Creations by Yuto Yamaguchi


Talented Japanese artist Yuto Yamaguchi has created some incredibly unique artwork by folding individual pages of books to produce three-dimensional works. That’s each page folded individually by hand! Incredible! OruFun is the name given to such an artwork – the book art of folding each pages of books without using scissors but rather by creasing each page to […]

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